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Two Months After ATM Dispense Error, Kuda Bank Has ‘Not Returned Businessman’s Money’

Oguniyi Adewale Daniel, a Lagos-based businessman, has accused Kuda Bank of refusing to refund his N14,600 held since March.

Daniel told CEO newsloaded that he had received a debit after trying to withdraw at a Union Bank ATM near a Lagos supermarket, and awaited a refund in vain.

“I went to the supermarket to buy an item. When I got there, I used the Union Bank ATM close to the super shop so I could collect money with my Kuda card to pay for the items I bought. Unfortunately, I was debited but the money did not come out of the ATM,” he said.

Daniel said he contacted Kuda Bank via email and telephone, but the microfinance bank refused to resolve the dispense error.

“Each time I call their customer care, they will tell me, ‘don’t worry; we will resolve it very soon,’” he said.

Daniel told newsloaded that he also used a First Bank machine that same day and suffered the same debit, but it was reverted immediately. Yet the initial N14,600 debit at the grocery store was not refunded.

The businessman said he tried every avenue available to file his complaints. “I called, I sent an email, I messaged them on the App, I even came to social media to make a public call out yet I have not received my money,” he said.

Newsloaded made several calls to Kuda Bank, but they were not answered. They had also not responded to an email sent to them at press time.

By newsloaded.com.ng

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