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THEY ARE TOO POWERFUL!! What Can Other Regions In Nigeria Do To Reduce The Northerners Influence In Politics?

The North is a very key factor as far as Presidential Election is concerned and this is indeed sad 😥

If Nigeria sees a very prominent Politician today that can solve the problems in the land 100% and he/she is 100% certified, if the North does not love such a candidate, he or she will fail.

When it comes to Power, Influence, and all, give it to the North.

They are the most powerful region in Nigeria today and they are no doubt the Richest.

How North became so powerful?

How they strategically placed themselves to get in charge of most things in Nigeria is still a mystery to me but I believe they became so powerful during the Military regime as they jampacked themselves in the Military alongside their Children while other Regions were busy getting Educated and doing business and the end result is what we are experiencing today.

Take it or leave it, the North will continue to be a key factor as to who will rule Nigeria.

KILLER FACT:- If the rest of Nigeria chooses a Candidate for the Presidency and the North says “NO” – that candidate is 85% likely to fail.

See what some posted:-

👉 The Northerners occupy most Top Government Parastatals.

👉 They top about 85% of the Ministries.

👉 Check out all our Security Agencies, they are the ones running it.

👉 Have you been to the Port (where 100% of Goods come into the Country from) – it’s been controlled by the North.

The North is superior – no doubt about that and the earlier we realize this, the better for us.



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