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Sex worker burnt alive after customer found Quran in her room

After rendering a sexual pleasure service to one of her customers for a sum of N1,000, Hannah Saliu discovered that her N5,000 had been stolen.

Sex worker

But on searching her room, the customer found Quran in her possession, after which he and his friends mobbed her to death.

Hannah Saliu, a sex worker in Lagos, met her untimely death after one of her customers found Quran in her room.

The customer in question had paid Saliu N1,000 for rendering him sexual pleasure, but after he had left, the prostitute discovered that a sum of N5,000 went missing in her safe.

Convinced that the customer stole the money from her, Saliu ran after him and accused him of theft.

The accused customer denies stealing the money, but agreed to search Saliu’s room alongside his friends.

However, while they were searching the room, they found a Quran beneath her pillow, after which they pounced on her and beat her to a pulp.

According to a source, after leaving her almost lifeless, the customer and her friends who all happened to hail from the northern parts of Nigeria, set her ablaze.

“What happened was that the girl was a prostitute and a customer patronized her and after sleeping with her, the customer paid N1,000 for her service.

“But when the customer was leaving, he stole the prostitute’s N5,000 and after discovering that her money had gone missing, the prostitute chased him to ask for her money.

“The Northerners, who were with the customer that the girl accused of stealing her money, asked if she was sure that he stole her money. So, they decided to go and search her room where she attended to her customers.

“While searching the room, they found Quran under her pillow and started asking what she was using the Quran for as a prostitute. So, they started attacking her; they stabbed her, took her out and set her ablaze.

“The incident happened at Alaba Rago, where a lot of Northerners reside. The girl that was killed also came from the North. Their grouse was that she was not supposed to be carrying the Quran because of the kind of work she was doing,” a source familiar with the incident stated.

Confirming the incident, Lagos Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Benjamin Hundeyin identified the suspects as Abubakar Musa, Sarauta Monsur, and Surajo Yusuf.

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