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LATEST NEWS!! Ahmad Lawan Mocked Over Senatorial Seat Crisis

The ongoing crisis between the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, and the youth leader in the Yobe state, Bashir Machina, over refusal to step down and hand over the senatorial ticket has attracted mockery from Nigerians observing from the sidelines.

Trouble started after Lawan who was amongst aspirants who contested for the APC presidential ticket, but was defeated in the primary election where the party’s National Leader, Bola Tinubu, emerged as the Flagbearer wanted to reclaim the senatorial ticket in his state.

Unfortunately for the Senate President, Machina who was the sole candidate in the Yobe North APC senatorial primaries as other aspirants who indicated interest were told not to contest to enable Machina hold the ticket for Lawan in case he loses the presidential election refused to hand it over.

Some Nigerians have reacted to the development, mocking the senate president over his inability to reclaim the ticket.

Others begged Machina not to step down as everyone deserves good things.


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