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I DUNNO!! She Constantly Bullies Me For No Reason – Mercy Aigbe Speaks On Dirty Fight With Lara

Mercy Aigbe is a Nigerian actress, and she shares her side of the story after fighting with popular Lagos socialite, Lara Olukotun.

A video has made the rounds on social media with both women involved in a public fight.

Mercy Aigbe shared her side of the story via Instagram and her posts showed that Lara bullies her as often as possible.

The mother of two said she was a casual acquaintance and that they had only met two or three times. She also said he patronized her business.

She mentioned that Lara said bad things about her for no reason and refused to stop even after she reached out to her.

Mercy says that when they were at a mutual friend’s store opening, Lora started being disrespectful as always.

The actress responded when she realized the insults were not going away.


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