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15 Solid Fact You Don’t Understand About Forsage Force



1. *You are paid directly to your wallet. No one holds funds in this community deciding who to pay. Remember it is a decentralised program, no third party involved in your earnings.

2. *You are paid automatically and immediately you earn. It is a smart contract and so everything is automated!!

3. *You don’t need to request withdrawal, because before you know what You have even earned, you’ve been paid. It is automated.

4. *FORSAGE can’t shutdown, because it is built under a digital decentralized ledger called the blockchain on a smart contract decentralized application. How amazing is that?

5. *Even the creators of Forsage can’t change the rules (system of codes). It’s blockchain technology, once done it can’t be undone.

6. *Forsage CAN’T be hacked or stopped even by the most powerful government.

7. *Forsage is a lifetime contract. It’s digital buinsess your children can inherit.

8. *In Forsage the 12 earning levels (12 income streams) can never expire and have no deadlines to secure them.

9. *Joining Forsage Community requires a one time out of pocket entry cost of 10 BUSD + 0.0055 Smart Chain (which is N8000).

10. *In Forsage it’s possible to turn 10 BUSD to 100,000 BUSD ($100,000) with the leverage of time, teamwork, strategy and hardwork.

11. *Forsage is not a get rich quick or overnight millionaire scheme (you can try the lottery, or investment platforms good luck with that).

*12. In Forsage you get rich gradually and consistently. Time is your friend not enemy here.

13. *In Forsage You earn when you sign up a persons under you and upgrade levels
*Upgrading levels is the most important.

14 *. In Forsage you earn when you upgrade to other higher income levels.

*15. In Forsage you earn when you don’t refer a new partner (many have earned with zero partners in their team).



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